The Times of Tea

HEY GUYS,Hey There! My name is Temi, Im 20, Im a Student, My life is purposed to do what God put me on this earth to do....
I love photography, clothes, food, OH and GOOD MUSIC!
I plan on moving to the UK in a couple years, I love a good conversation, Im super nice so just hit me up, let's chat.
Colossians 2:10 "and you have a full and true life in Christ, who is ruler over all rulers and powers."





let you go.

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I wanna run….

Johnnyswim - Paris in June


" If this life should end too soon, it would still be sweet because it was spent with you 


Wearing: The Afro-Lution T-shirt by TheTeeMovement

Name: Erika Rose,25,New York & Jaidus,New York

Submitted by: @AllSheCanSay (Twitter)    

Photographed by Nicole Chavanne

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Chickpea Cutlet Plate @ The Sudra in Portland, OR

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